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Should I Fit in Somewhere?

I started this blog 4 months ago and I called it JustThunkit ; I wanted to have a blog because I thought it would be simple and effective way to document my thoughts for posterity instead of writing a diary or carving into some scrolls.When I told people about my blog initially they asked me “What kind of blog? Is it a Travel blog or a food blog..”

Is belonging to a niche important? Can “No Niche” ever be a niche? My mind is excited by the anomalies of life and I like to experiment and analyze constantly with various concepts(hence the name of my blog).I am not a certified expert on many of things I have blogged about but I blog only about things I am a 100 percent sure of and provide references to relevant links anyway.

My intention is to help readers open their eyes to a thought which they might not have seen anywhere. That is enough for now (I think).Maybe in the future, I would focus more on certain topics like having insect pets,adopting aliens,1000 mistakes to avoid if you want to go viral…

Let’s see…


About Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo

Hi There!I am Jose Gauravselvam Kagoo. I am an Indian by birth but consider myself a citizen of the world ( which enables me to shamelessly switch nationalities during cricket matches). Am a nature lover and enjoy looking through the prism of life for interesting insights. All the views expressed here are my own.


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