Should I Fit in Somewhere?

I started this blog 4 months ago and I called it JustThunkit ; I wanted to have a blog because I thought it would be simple and effective way to document my thoughts for posterity instead of writing a diary or carving into some scrolls.When I told people about my blog initially they asked me “What kind of blog? Is it a Travel blog or a food blog..”

Is belonging to a niche important? Can “No Niche” ever be a niche? My mind is excited by the anomalies of life and I like to experiment and analyze constantly with various concepts(hence the name of my blog).I am not a certified expert on many of things I have blogged about but I blog only about things I am a 100 percent sure of and provide references to relevant links anyway.

My intention is to help readers open their eyes to a thought which they might not have seen anywhere. That is enough for now (I think).Maybe in the future, I would focus more on certain topics like having insect pets,adopting aliens,1000 mistakes to avoid if you want to go viral…

Let’s see…


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