Polybrowser — a must for multitasking

A couple of days ago, I came across a panoramic browser—Polybrowser —while spending some time on LinkedIn.Shown below is a short video explaining the functionality of the browser :–


This product was released almost a year ago and is currently available for download and use.

I have started using it and here are the benefits that I envision for possible users.

1. Could replace additional monitors for processes that use multiple monitors which could result in cost benefits.

Case in point: I used to work at Nielsen where there were some projects that had to use 2 monitors to enable ease of reference.Using Polybrowser along with a huge 30” monitor is definitely the way forward for data analysis.

2. The need for launching multiple web links using bookmarks is eliminated with the use of Polymarks. (The use of Polymarks does not seem very user-friendly currently ).

3.The time spent on accessing and referring to information while editing/writing is reduced to a great extent.

There are however a few glitches and I have pointed them out for fixes/tweaking.See my comment below on LinkedIn :–


P.S : I sometimes scroll some websites like jaymantri.com for photos for my blog posts.I have to scroll through hundreds of photos and if I am suddenly called away from my desk,I have to scroll another few hundred images to get to the image I want.Wish someone could create a vertical bookmark to help navigate to last browsed section.Just saying!

Video credit:Aaron T.Travis


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