Desk Jobs Could be Less Painful in the Future

Recently I came across a lot of posts explaining the benefits of working on a Standing Desk .Apart from reducing postural imbalances,the merits of using a Standing Desk are well-documented but it would be a stretch to convince a huge number of people to start using Standing desks immediately.

As of now,there are very few companies that provide adjustable desks that could ensure that the user is able to sit or stand (depending on the user’s energy level) for a certain duration of their work hours. The link below shows an example of sit-stand adjustable desks (Note :I am not paid to promote the products,I am merely using them to illustrate my point)–>>

All the IT/BPO companies in India (and anywhere else where desk jobs mess with a person’s posture) should make an active effort in transforming office ergonomics by introducing these adjustable desks as the usage of these adjustable desks will translate to long-term benefits by contributing to the employees’ well being.


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