4 Reasons you should be active on Quora

Quora is a  great place to interact and learn from other people and I have been using it sporadically for the last 6 months (more time spent this past month).

If you are unsure about its USP,please read the 4 reasons I have outlined below :–

1.Ever have the need to get a burning question answered but was a little embarrassed about asking that question?Well, Quora has an “Anonymous” feature that lets you post your question (on anything under the sun)anonymously and direct it to a relevant expert/target audience.

2. Need to promote your blog?If you are a new blogger and want more traffic to your blog,you can re-post your content on Quora.Since Quora owns the content you post and can sub-license/share it with other parties,you can show a partial portion of your post and then add “to view the rest of my post,please visit my blog at…. “.

3.You can check the relevance and effectiveness of your knowledge by sharing your expertise.Sometimes,you might be skeptical about the effectiveness of the knowledge you have accumulated and might be wondering about its relevance in the real world. Getting “upvoted” for your answers (though not always because of the accuracy) gives you a lot of confidence when you are gauging your “relevance quotient”.

4.Get free advice.If you are someone who needs advice on building your company/business and wants free inputs (and are cash-strapped to pay for advice),Quora is the best place for you.

So go ahead and use Quora to widen your learning journey and let me know if you have additional inputs.

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