Covetousness can stifle your Creativity

Have you ever read the 2 commandments in the Bible about covetousness ? If you have not heard of it,here they are :-

“Thou shalt not covet Thy neighbor’s wife”

“Thou shalt not covet their neighbor’s goods”

I always wondered about why there were 2 separate laws about covetousness in the Bible and why the focus was on covetousness when there were already 2 commandments that refer to the end actions.(I am referring to the”Do not commit adultery” and “Do not steal” commandments).

I did some research to find out the significance and a few weeks ago,I read something that showed the wisdom of these commandments in an entirely different light.

This is what I discovered:

Covetousness destroys creativity or enterprise of any kind

Here’s why:

When you desire something of value you have to do something to earn it instead of just seeking to possess something which is dear to someone else.When you covet,2 things happen :–

1.You neglect your in-born talent to create.

2.You encourage a spirit of laziness to take over your life.

The above 2 characteristics forge a deadly combination and are responsible for all the crimes in the world.

So the minute you start comparing yourself with others and setting benchmarks based on their performances,you let down yourself since you don’t really explore the full extent of your creative potential.

The other commandments are in place to arrest your complete downfall when you cross the “covetousness” line.

So if you desire your neighbor’s watch and don’t stop thinking about it and then decide to take it,the “Don’t steal” commandment makes you think twice.

If you have any comments or thoughts,please do let me know.

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