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What’s in a Retweet?

I joined Twitter earlier this year and found  the re-tweet option very interesting, primarily because of the way it is used by different people.

RTs are used to endorse a brand or re-share some interesting snippet.

So when I saw Justin Bieber’s Twitter timeline,I could not help wondering what his fans were up to.

The lowest number of retweets for a tweet (as of today)is 15K !!Most people would not get so many RTs unless they tweeted every minute they were awake!!

So what if Justin Bieber is a superstar? Are people really crazy enough to RT anything and everything he says?

The real reason Justin Bieber gets more re-tweets than other celeb is because he follows back his followers. As of today,he is following 156K of his followers.Out of his 50 plus million followers,there is a huge crazed bunch that is waiting to be on Bieber’s following list (Yeah,there is an account called “Justin Follows Me”).So,everyone tries their luck for their own “Bieber moment” and this is the result:





Everybody wins ! 🙂

P.S : The ones who favorited are the ones who aspire to be followed by Bieber but don’t want to see his tweets on their Twitter timeline!!Go figure 🙂


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