3 LinkedIn Changes that could improve User Experience

I have been using LinkedIn for the past 6 months and noticed 3 features who would look a whole lot better if tweaked a bit.Here are my ideas:–

1.There should not be an annual subscription for Job Seeker Premium .People who are interested in seeking jobs expect to get hired as soon as possible (think positively) and will be turned off by an annual subscription.A monthly subscription makes sense as there would not be a need for this feature (and to avoid unwanted interview calls) after getting the desired job.

2.People already in the connections list should not show up in the “People who viewed your profile”list (apart from the 1st time they view your profile when connecting).  Ever heard of the phrase “Success leaves clues”? Sometimes you might follow/connect with people whom you aspire to emulate and when they publish a post (or)make connections (or) update skills,you might check their profile again which triggers the “People who viewed your profile” notification and the number of profile views stats look unnecessarily bloated. (What is really weird is my own name comes in the list of people who viewed my profile!!)

3.Stop “Wish …..a “Happy Birthday” notifications. I was surprised to see the birthday notifications as I do not see its relevance in a professional  network like LinkedIn.Wishing a Happy Work Anniversary or congratulating someone when they get a new job/promotion is okay but it would be kind of weird and time-consuming responding to all the well-meaning wishes on LinkedIn AND Facebook.There are people who remember their bosses or peers’ wedding anniversaries and that kind of reminder feature is not even available on Facebook!

If LinkedIn makes the above 3 changes,it would result in a more memorable and relevant user experience.

If you have any suggestions,please let me know in the comments section.


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