Depiction of all ‘Drama’ needs Appropriate Disclaimers

Recently I came across a mid 1980’s Tamil movie which had an unusually distasteful rape scene (I am not saying that there are aesthetically beautiful rape scenes;this particular scene showed a woman being violated in front of a dozen other people).

The reaction of the people after the crime was committed implied that the woman was better off dead since she was ‘spoilt’—-this kind of medieval mindset (though not widespread or a global notion)is what needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.

Disclaimers are included in TV,print media and the Internet to warn the general public about smoking ,alcohol consumption and stunts (don’t try these stunts at home as they will injure your ass and make you look like an ass …well,something like that)and their possible unpleasant side effects/consequences.

Video games that include huge doses of violence are tolerated as they supposedly help to build creativity (true to an extent..real reason is video games =breathing space for parents).

Movies,on the other hand,have the biggest impact nowadays (some people learn their life values watching films and quote film-stars religiously)and there should be a wholehearted effort to include a disclaimer for rape scenes..something like this… “Rape/molestation is a punishable offense and it is not manly to smirk when someone uses the word ‘rape’ or ‘molested’.

(I am not a lawyer;the disclaimer should include a strong statement/definition to indicate that committing such an ugly crime makes you lose your soul and your identity as a human being).

If you think I make a valid point and that these changes could help curtail domestic violence, rape or a general improvement in attitude towards women,please share this idea with your friends.

A version of this post was published on my blog at Medium.

Image Credit: Sylwia Bartyzel


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