Can Movie Theaters give you the truly interactive experience you want?

You might not have to worry about the scenes you miss anymore


RunPee is an app that helps you schedule your toilet breaks(read my post on RunPee here)by identifying sections of movie that do not have a major impact on the story-line, enabling you to step out for a quick loo-break.

If you needed a description of the ‘inconsequential’ scene ,it is made available by the app.Most of the ‘peetimes’ are short (4-5 min)and in a large theater,if people shot out of their seats for the scheduled peetimes…I can see the news in my head “Woman killed in stampede in theater due to……..”

To avoid any kind of mishap and to ensure a “memorable movie experience”,a more flexible option is needed.Enter..Flexible Film Time Capture (FFTC) a concept that can possibly revolutionize your movie experience and if possible create a few jobs:—

A transcript of the entire movie movie is first created to have a minute-wise breakdown summary.When the movie starts a digital clock (or something that shows the minute countdown)that is placed somewhere close to the screen —-placed in such a way as to not block/distract view of the screen—will start to tick down in sync with the duration of the movie (the clock will not run during interval breaks or advertisements).If any moviegoer wants to step out (for an emergency call,call of nature,call of duty.. etc) all he/she has to do is to note the time on the digital clock when he steps out and the time when he (am going to stick with ‘he’)comes back and send the details via SMS to theater support team.The transcript of the proceedings of the ‘missed’ scene for the time-frame is sent back to the moviegoer (should I say customer?)for the specified time-frame via SMS, for a fee.

If possible a video link for the missed scene can be sent for one time view only(certain caveats would have to be in place to prevent collation/distribution of content).

This feature would benefit the Indian film industry,in particular, since films are released in different languages, have long duration and creating transcripts and sharing of the specific content would require customer support and hence jobs per theater.

If you had to deal with idiots who talk loud during crucial scenes,buddies who turn up late and want you to give them directions or just wanted to win a bet with your friend on what was really said,you will want this feature.


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