ORCA can Save You —Is that Enough?

Convenience comes at a price that you should not ignore

Recently I came across an interesting and amazing product called ORCA(Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus) ,a shark deterrent that protects you when you go out into the ocean(the product retailing is still undergoing some final touches;read more here). The device helps emit a signal that mimics a killer whale sound and scares off sharks.

At first,this sounds like a great idea for those who want to swim, surf or explore the ocean in peace.However,this can cause quite a few problems:

  1. Unsupervised usage of the ORCA can cause massive changes in the migration patterns of the sharks (Pranksters may go to shark infested waters and set off the device to get “YouTube Content”)and possibly affect the marine ecosystem.
  2. Killer whales may get curious/agitated that you stole their mojo and may evolve to attack humans (only a few deaths have been attributed to killer whale attacks so far,but they were captive killer whales).
  3. Some confused Killer whales might mistake it for a mating call(I can totally see a new movie script on this in the future).

A possible solution for some of the issues would be to monitor,limit and license the use of this device, to prevent usage that would disrupt the marine ecosystem.

A limit should be set for the no.of times the sounds are emitted for a day and restricted to designated areas.Users should be educated about their responsibility to Mother Nature and consequence of equilibrium shifts caused while using the ORCA.

If you care about the marine ecosystem and want to help preserve Mother Nature as much as possible,please share this post with your friends.



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