5 Lapses that can Bury your Career

Avoid these pitfalls at workplace to save your career

Ever wondered why you got passed over for that promotion when you did everything conceivable to get it?Think that your colleague got a better(unfair) deal ?Maybe you feel like this(see below):-

The look that shows disapproval about your boss’s ‘approval’

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do .Most articles on career advancement,focus on the positives that you should implement to see an upward trend.However,removing the weeds (mistakes/bad habits)that stall the growth in your garden(career)is of utmost importance.Learning from others’ mistakes is huge part of the learning curve.I have outlined below the top career mistakes that can set your progress back by a few years or put you in the ‘unsuitable’ category:—

  1. Being “too friendly” with the opposite sex : Since we spend more than 1/3rd of a 24 hr day in office,it is only natural for a majority of your relationships to be part of your “office circle”.However,displaying signs of intimacy in office openly ,might reduce your career prospects as being discreet is a much valued trait for being considered as future leadership material.
  2. Being the office comedian : It is nice to let your hair down once in a while, but cracking jokes constantly or playing practical jokes at your colleagues’ is a strict no-no(as it distracts other employees and wastes company time).There is a huge difference between being like-able and being a clown and if you think that making people laugh is one of your duties as an employee(unless you are a clown in the circus), you are wrong.
  3. Voicing your differences aloud : If there is one thing employers hate,it is employees voicing their opinions /differences aloud as this might set off a chain reaction that is difficult to control.If you are upset about something,ask your supervisor for time to discuss the issue at hand.Also when somebody asks for your opinion on a contentious issue (e.g gossip about an office colleague),feign ignorance,look surprised (or )try changing the topic.Knowing about your colleagues is important, but commenting about their personal life is not your business.
  4. Giving unsolicited “health/financial advice” : Some people think it is their birthright to go about looking for chinks and suggest solutions to their colleagues’ health/financial problems.If something goes wrong,you will lose credibility as more often than not,your name will come up. Also,some colleagues have an annoying habit of keeping you up-to-date about their food habits which will drain your energy and invite weird looks from co-workers.(Oh…I forgot to mention this…Nobody likes people who list the ingredients and negative after- effects of the food they are eating.Food is VERY PERSONAL,believe me).
  5. Being a sycophant : Though it is very important to have a very good relationship with your boss,sucking up to your boss is something that will actually prove counter-productive in most cases.Most effective leaders realize that having people ,who challenge their perspective,is extremely important to their growth as well as the company’s.So,say ‘NO’ to being a “Yes-Man”.

This is exactly how you should not react when your boss comes up with a “brilliant idea”.

Steering clear of these 5 mistakes can make your climb up the corporate ladder of success that much easier and get you the nod of approval necessary for your elevation.

So,there it is..5 pitfalls to avoid for reasonable success (not applicable for entrepreneurs ,heirs and Dominican nuns).If you like this article,please share with your friends leave your feedback in the comments section.


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